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Year 4 Class Page

Welcome to Year 4!


The children will be set homework once a week, every Friday, to be handed in the following Wednesday.

The homework will mostly consist of Numeracy, Literacy, reading and spellings.

Throughout a topic, the children may have additional homework to help with their learning in school.

It is important that children complete their homework every week.

Mrs A. Adair

Meadow View J.M.I.

Mrs Ubhi and Miss Barratt


Children will be learning about the place value of 4-digit numbers through ordering and comparing and carrying our place value related addition and subtraction.  They will also be practising formal column addition and subtraction methods and applying these skills to real-life problem solving exercises and investigations.  Following this, children will use the inverse operation to check their answers.  Doubling and halving through partitioning numbers will also be covered this term and children will practice known multiplication facts and associated division facts for the 4x table up to the 12 x table.  Children will learn to describe and sort properties of 3d shapes using the correct mathematical vocabulary.  In addition to this children will be studying different triangles and other polygons.  Children will be carrying out regular activities to improve their mental arithmetic skills. 


This half term in literacy the children start by listening and reading the book of Christophe’s story. They will respond to questions that stretch their comprehension and questioning skills. They will use discussion, drama and role-play to understand more about the characters. They will focus on the author’s use of language and draw on their understanding of conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to express time and cause to tell their own oral recounts and then turn these into written recounts. Children will use a letter model to write their own, applying their ability to write main clause sentences. Children will also write their own blurb and stories, drawing on their own personal experiences.


This half term in science the children will look at ‘All living things’. They will learn about the functions of the human and animal digestive systems, look at the diets of herbivores, omnivores and carnivores and construct and interpret a variety of food chains. Children will also be studying different types of teeth and their functions, finding out what damages teeth and how to look after them.

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