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In Giraffe class we have Georgina the Giraffe who goes home with children on the weekend.
Georgina goes home as a reward for good behaviour or good work.
The child's weekend is recorded in the diary and then we read it aloud to the rest of the class on Monday morning!
Georgina also goes home with someone for all of the school holidays including Christmas and Easter for 2 weeks!


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 In Reception we do lots of circle time.

We share news and we talk about our family life.
It's a time to share things with each other and listen to each other.

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In Reception, outdoor play is a key part of our curriculum.

We like to play on the cars and bikes and use the chalk on the floor to make shapes and patterns.


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 Giraffe class went on an Autumn walk to see what signs of Autumn we could find.

We found lots of brown, yellow and orange leaves and some of us even found acorns!


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We went on a walk outside of school with our parents to learn how to cross the road safely. An instructor taught us what dangers to look for in the street. 




Role play is a key part of the Early Years curriculum.
We like to dress up and pretend to be other people and characters.
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